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Chris, We really appreciate your assistance, tenacity, and guidance through all of the process and some of the never ending hassles we face as a couple and family. If anything we are sorry to have added layers of complexity to your job. Anyhow, thanks again for all the hard work! You have made a very positive and lasting impression with us about the type of company Gateway Capital Mortgage is and we won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends or anyone else we know of who is looking to refinance. Regards, Kurt Wagner

11/15/2011 – I just did a refinance with Gateway Capital it was by far the smoothest and quickest documentation and closing process I have ever experienced! Not to mention the super low interest rates I got! Mike always provides the best in speed and service.” Sincerely, Karim Thomas

“I have worked with Michael Tadros several times to refinance my house. He made several commitments that I didn’t think he would be able to do. He has always exceeded all expectations with those commitments. I highly recommend Michael and trust him to complete all facets with any type of loan.” D. Chavannes

The support in receiving the loan was exceptional under rather difficult and extraordinary time constraints. I really appreciate the support from the Gateway Capital Mortgage Group and would definitely do business with them again. Steven Kalabokes -Fairfax, VA

“I just did a refinance with Gateway Capital it was by far the smoothest and quickest documentation and closing process I have ever experienced! Not to mention the super low interest rates I got! Mike always provides the best in speed and service.” K. Thomas – IL

Charles – We both want to thank you for all the work you did with us on our refinanacing. We both appreciate the time and patience you took with us in getting everything together and answering our many questions and concerns. We felt we were in competent hands and that you were looking out for our best interest at all times. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks,Bob and Maria

Hi Julie and Michael – We closed yesterday at my home and we gave the notary the two seperate cashier’s checks for each loan. Everything went smoothly. Thank you all so much for making it once again a very professional and efficient process even with the ever increasing barrage of requirements for documents, prepayments, and last minute items. Everyone at Gateway has always been accessible and responsive. We appreciate it very much and believe very strongly that such levels of customer service, patience, and professionalism displayed by Gateway Capital are the only right way to do business! Sincerely, Milosh and Cherie Grubor

Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you very much for handling our refinance. Although the lender was tough, your company was there step by step to assist me in procuring the loan at a great rate. You kept all your promises throughout the process and I would highly recommend you to my friends and family. I appreciate your candidness and integrity. Thanks again! – Emilio Cacace, Esq.

I just want to thank you for all the hard work you and Laura put into my refinancing! I very much appreciated how quickly and efficiently each and every phone call and email was answered – even late at night and on weekends! I also appreciated how you explained (sometimes repeatedly) every step of the process and offered me innovative options along the way tailored to my situation. After my personal identification had been compromised with the other mortgage company in the past, I had my reservations on ever trying to refinance again. Your professionalism and commitment to making me feel at ease every step of the way was very reassuring. Thanks for making this refinance a much more enjoyable experience! With much appreciation, Janet M. Sibol

Charles and Julie, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making our home buying a pleasurable experience. Even though we did not have perfect credit , you made us feel like we were your best clients. We have bought a few homes in our life but have never had such a delightful team to work with in you two. You were honest and accessible at all hours if we had a question. You came through on every promise and then some. You are great asset to your industry and wish you much success in the future.Thanks again, Scott and Rebecca Sampson

Kim–“Thank you” for very much for the rubber return address stamp I just received in the mail yesterday. Your appreciation gift if very much welcomed and I certainly will use it ~ it’s very practical, useful and I will think of you whenever I use it. I’m still getting emails from friends who have viewed my “new address” per your web link that you constructed for me. They like the link and are shocked that “I” would have enough computer-smarts to build that; so I have to tell them to notice your name/address/business on the page and give you due credit ~ haha. Thank you too for that.  My best to you ~ Greg.

Charles, I just wanted to write a little note letting you know just how much I appreciate all of your help through the refinance process!! You made such a daunting task enjoyable with your wonderful personality and strong knowledge of your bussiness. You made me feel like no question was a stupid question and you always answered all my questions timely (most of them right away). I felt very comfortable working with you from the very first phone call. I will truly miss working with you. Thanks Again!! – Chris Benton

I live in Jacksonville, but chose to work with Gateway Capital in Tampa for my mortgage. Their rates were better than anything I could find locally or online. The process went very smoothly and they helped me through all the new documentation requirements and we were able to close on time. Michael and Julie were very prompt with all communication with myself and all real estate agents, insurers, etc. At closing, the Title agent was amazed at the low rate and low fees associated with my loan. I would highly recommend using Gateway Capital for your next mortgage. Joel Batten – Jacksonville, Florida

Charles, I will be sure to remark to all in the years to come how tenacious your team was…and in the end your firm proves it doesn’t have to be “either/or” when it comes to budget vs. quality.    I’ll be sure to keep you on our lips anytime the topic comes up in the months and years to come as well. Thanks.—-Robert

I have used Michael Tadros and Gateway Capital Mortgage to finance my home purchase and have also refinanced with him. The level of service, pricing, and professionalism was exemplary. Michael and his staff facilitated the process quickly, reliably, and economically. I am comfortable when contacting Gateway that I not only get the best mortgage pricing available, but that the entire process is done right! I have recommended Michael to several of my colleagues who have also come away impressed by his service and dedication. Milosh Grubor MD

Dear Charles, I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciated the time and efforts shown in the refinancing of the mortgage on my home. Even though we have not met personally, I was able to reach a comfort and trust level that meant a great deal in this process. I found that all employees related to your organization responded quickly, effectively and with an eye on cost savings that was dramatically different from banks that I have dealt with in past to complete a mortgage process. The barriers from our bank to prevent our refinance were significant, irresponsible and very unprofessional, but your persistence, patience, knowledge cleared the way for a good product for our mortgage. Thank you for your help. Wishing you great success for Gateway Capital Mortgage and your future endeavours. Sincerely, Sally Shinn

Charles, It was a pleasure working with you and your company. You answered my questions in a timely manner and lived up to all your promises. I will gladly recommend you to others. I wish I would of called your company first, when I started looking for refinancing, it would of saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks, Steve Metzger

“Michael, I really appreciate all of your help getting financed to purchase our home. We love living in Lake Toscana! This house is beautiful and a deal we just couldn’t pass up.Luckily we didn’t have to pass it up. We could not have done it without you though! Thanks so much for everything. You truly made the process easier than I thought it would be, and continued to work with me even through the roadblocks when it seemed the end would never be in sight. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family members.” Sincerely, Christi Wilkins 1/27/2011

1/18/2011 – “Changing times yet solid team” Mike and Nevene have been helping my clients with there mortgage needs for almost 4 years now. Its been great to know that I have a team to rely on that takes the stress out of the mortgage process and stays upto date with all the changes in the market. Its been a great asset to my team to have brokers like them who shoot straight and get you to closing table as promised. In these changing times of the Real Estate industry, its great to know that they remain solid for my clients and myself. – Mike Tolba
1/23/2011 – “Excellent Service” I chose Michael Tadros (Gateway Capital Mortgage, Inc.) over four other banks and brokers. I only had two weeks to close on a short sale property and boy Michael’s team especially Laura was great and they came through even seller who used to be a broke himself was impressed. I will recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you for all the help. Humera

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