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Hi Michael,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help with the purchase of my first home. I appreciate all that you and your staff did for us. The closing went very smoothly. Thank you again and I will be sure to pass your name on to those I know who could use your assistance. Thank you again!

Mariesa D. & Family.
You’ll be interested to know that all was funded today.
Many thanks to you and Nicole for all your advice and assistance.
God bless you & Cristy,

Thank you, Chris!  We really appreciate all of your help with this.

All best in 2016!

Dan and Cate


Thank you for all your help. We’re very satisfied with how things turned out. Sorry for the delayed response. We wish you a happy & blessed 2016!

Nick C.

Dear Mike, It seems like each time we refinance we say this is the last time but the rates keep going down. No problem, because working with the excellent and vigilant staff at Gateway Capital makes the process completely painless. Thanks again Mike for the exemplary service.

Sincerely, Matthew Andoniadis

Charles – Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work you did in helping refinance our house. It is difficult to do such a complex business transaction with such thoroughness at a distance, but you accomplished the task with ease. The initial figures you gave in our first conversation were quite close to the final numbers. I would have no hesitation recommending you to any of our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again, Jim B. The Villages

Charles, We would like to compliment you and your organization on the efforts in the refinancing of my home loan. Nicole was able to work through all the issues that came up as we went through the process. We are very happy with the rate and the closing costs which turned out better than the original quote. Thanks very much.

Bill & Scarlet H. – St Augustine, Fl

Chris, Veronica is a good friend of mine and I truly hope you can help her! I told her that you were by far the best loan officer I have ever spoken to. And quiet honestly the most knowledgeable!!!!Thank you again for your help!!

Debbie S.

Finding someone to trust with such a significant and important financial matter as a mortgage is not easy. I was fortunate to have my refinancing needs handled by Charles at Gateway Capital Mortgage. Charles got me the best available rate at the lowest cost with a very reputable lender. He was professional in his handling of my refinance and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. I had initially contacted two other mortgage brokers/lenders, including my then existing mortgage company to inquire about refinancing options. Charles at Gateway Capital Mortgage was the only broker who made my priority “his” priority. Charles got it done! Charles was a pleasure to work with and l will not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends for their mortgage needs.

Rich P. Naples, FL


10/1/2012-I highly recommend working with Chris Rezk and his team.  You will experience a high level of professionalism, very detail oriented and great management.  Paying attention to details, providing proper and suitable advice and always willing to take your call day, night and weekend to assure proper and speed transaction.  His knowledge, expertise and superior services empowered the whole process.  I will not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future and to refer him to all my friends and family. Being updated with loan status on a timely fashion and keeping us informed with any changes or what the next step will be was exceptional.  It was an easy, seamless transition!  Thanks for a great rate, great service and peace of mind for the next 30 years….

9/22/2012 – I recently refinanced my home through Gateway Capital Mortgage and I could not believe how simple and easy the process was. I have applied for mortgages in the past for either the purchase of a home or the refinancing of one and there always seemed to be some sort of problem during the process. They always needed some more information or there was one delay after another for some reason. This time I did not have one issue. Chris e-mailed me the forms I needed to fill out and a list of the documents that were needed. I scanned the completed the forms and documents back to him and in no time at all we had an appraiser came out to the house and shortly after that a closing date was set. The whole thing was done in 30 days and Chris got me a very competitive rate. I would highly recommend Gateway Capital Mortgage to anyone looking for a mortgage.

7-26-2012 – As I reflect on my refinancing experience with Gateway Capital it was just wonderful. Charles you stayed involved throughout the process so nothing was a surprise and with a financial transaction of this importance I was never in doubt of a positive outcome.  You made it very simple and friendly.  In the end I am very pleased, so thank you. Take care Randy Singh

7/23/2012 – Hi Chris & Tracey, Thanks for checking in… everything seemed to go just fine with the closing. As far as I can tell everything is perfect. Thanks to both of you for your persistence and attention to detail. Also, thank you both for your excellent communications. Although it took much longer than it should have, I know that the reasons for that revolve around the tight lender restrictions, and is no fault of yours. Sincerest thanks for everything… we will now enjoy having a little more money left over after we pay our mortgage!
All the best! Rich Kayser

7/23/2012 – Dear Charles, It always seems to be a bit of a risk to do a major business transaction over the internet. In researching our home refinance options, I discovered Gateway Capital Mortgage. The posted interest rates are what first caught my attention. I was hesitant to respond, but did anyway. From my first contact with you and your organization, through our closing last week, we have had the best possible experience. Indeed, my wife is a real estate agent, former mortgage processor and loan officer. She agrees that our experience could not have been more professional, expedient or satisfactory. Thank you for making it so. Sincerely, Jim Gustafson – Satisfied Customer

7/18/2012 – I had been trying to secure a refinance on my home due to a divorce. Even though I had an excellent credit score & history, as well as great debt-to-income ratio, I found it incredibly dificult to get ANY mortgage company to understand my needs. Because of a lack of experience of the agents, the lack of communication between entities, or the lack of honesty in the process, I do not know, nor care. I had just about given up when I stumbled upon Gateway Mortgage Company. Frank Giurgis(hope I didn’t butcher that name much) was my agent & stuck with me through the whole process. Not only did he get me the RIGHT interest rate I felt I deserved, he laid out all up-front & closing costs(which were slightly lower at closing-yay) in a manner discernible to me. The closing was as smooth as glass! No surprises & the agent showed up right on the dot at 4:00P.M.! After a very long year I can say I now have xactly what I was after-Thanks Frank & Gateway Mortgage!!!

7/16/2012 – Hi chris, I just want to let you know that since the 1st contact, It was clear to me, that you’re the mortgage persone I want to deal with.Your kindness and your professionalism kept my attention. Also, when you come to my home just to get the application signed ,my wife and I have highly appreciate it, and thank you for that  You have being present on my side making everything simple and helping me to follow the file step by step to the closing. It was real pleasure to do business with you and Melissa. Let me, again, thank you very much for your commitment to get deal done  I will recommande you and your cie to all my friends and family,for any financial needs

7/12/2012 – Hi Chris and Jill, I just want to thank you both for making this refinance a breeze and a pleasure. I have refinanced before and never had it so easy with people so responsive. You can feel free to use any of my comments on your website and if anyone ever needs a referral you can send them to me! I am almost sorry it’s over now that I have closed as I enjoyed working with you both so much! You all take care and anytime I can act as a referral you just let me know. Thank you again – You folks are awesome!!! :-)Carol A. Simmons

7/11/2012 – Hi Chris,Thank you for your detailed explanation both by phone and email and that clears it up for me. This is just fine and I appreciate all you and Jill did to help me get through this pretty painlessly. :-) You are an awesome team to work with and I would highly recommend you both to anyone wanting to refinance or get a loan. Thank you again for all your help! – Carol A. Simmons

6/20/2012 –  Let’s be honest, rates matter the most.  When I started the process of getting a mortgage, my primary goal was to look for the lowest rates, and once I did, I made absolutely sure that I worked with a legitimate and professional mortgage servicing company.  Thankfully, Gateway Capital Mortgage really came through for me.  Michael and his team really understood that rates are critical (they were the lowest I found after extensive research).  But, they went well beyond just low rates — they provided me with an extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service.  Truthfully, at the outset, I was a bit hesitant to work with Gateway Capital Mortgage because their rates were so low.  But, after getting on the phone with Michael, I immediately recognized that he was truly skilled at what he did, passionate about his trade, and extremely professional.  He and his staff addressed my many concerns and questions, and were always willing to guide me through the entire process.  That careful attention was very important to me as this was my first home purchase, and the process was quite daunting.  Ultimately, I saved a great deal of money working with Michael and his team, and, I would unquestionably give them my highest recommendations. – Eric

6/7/2012 – Thank you Charles for all of your assistance during this loan process. I greatly appreciate your punctuality in getting back with me during this process when I had questions. I also appreciate your follow up call to see how the close went.  Julie was great also in getting back to me on all issues. If I know of anyone in need of a refinance, I will send them your way to Gateway Capital Mortgage for assistance. Have a wonderful week!


Kathleen D. Kappel

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