Our goal is to provide you with highest levels of service while providing you with the lowest cost home loans. Gateway Capital Mortgage has been focused on keeping customers satisfied since day one, and has consistently maintained a 99% mortgage satisfaction level in all customer service areas.


  • 1. How did everything go with your loan?
  • 2. Would you use Gateway Capital Mortgage again?
  • 3. Will you recommend us to your family and friends?


Chris Rezk at Gateway Capital is a superb mortgage specialist. I have worked with professionals at other mortgage brokers, but Chris is by far the best that I have found. Chris is extremely responsive as a service professional. He not only always kept me well informed, but frequently offered valuable insights. Chris is also highly intelligent with a keen understanding of the mortgage business. Most importantly, he always put in an exceptional effort to make sure that I obtained the best available mortgage terms. I am pleased to give Chris my unqualified recommendation. Chris, thank you both for your hard work and the money you saved me!

Peter P, Attorney

Hi Chris and Nicole,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all your work getting our loan together. I know it got a little challenging at the end but it all worked out. Jeff and I are so happy to be in this home! We appreciate you both and everything you did to help get us here.



Well, it’s a done deal. I’m standing in my new kitchen enjoying the gorgeous view of Salt Lake. Thanks for all your good work and support during this process. I have already recommended you guys to others, including the buyer of my “old” house. I hope some of them come your way.Best wishes!


I recently was fortunate enough to obtain a refinance loan through the assistance of Charles Tadros, at Gateway Capital Mortgage. As an attorney I tend to question every aspect of a deal and trust very little. I will have to say however that Charles and Gateway Capital came through with flying colors. The transaction went very smoothly and at the end of the day everything promised was delivered. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.Thank you,
Hollyn F.

Hey Mike & Julie -
Thanks again for all your help in getting this deal done. As first-time home buyers, your assistance & especially your patience in answering our many questions was appreciated by Jennifer & me. We will definitely recommend you if any of our friends are looking for mortgage assistance.

Jennifer & Mark

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks and tell you how easy you made the process. I will certainly recommend you and your company, and thank Nicole for me she was great.

S. Goldman


I recently was fortunate enough to obtain a refinance loan through the assistance of Charles Tadros, at Gateway Capital Mortgage. As an attorney I tend to question every aspect of a deal and trust very little. I will have to say however that Charles and Gateway Capital came through with flying colors. The transaction went very smoothly and at the end of the day everything promised was delivered. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.Sincerely,

Hi Charles,

Presently I’m out of town in South Africa on business and missed your call. Yes everything went well with the closing and the funds are in the bank and everything’s fine. I do want to thank you for all your help and follow up throughout the whole process and you were a big help. You were persistent in a good way and reminded me to follow up on all the necessary items. It was an easy process with your help.

Thanks again.

Mark Hanks and Dianne Schroeder

Chris and Nicole,

Thank you both for all the help throughout the refinance process. Especially for finding solutions and alternate choices in financing our loan. I understand yesterdays closing issues with the notary was out of your hands, so thank you both for replying to my concerns.

If, and when we do need help in the future we will be contacting you for our mortgage needs. Additionally, if the occasion every came up to refer your services to family or friends we will gladly do so.

I’m sure we will have a few more questions before the dust settles and everything clears in the next few weeks.


Bruce T.

Charles, Julie

I received the final closing check today, and wanted to thank you both for helping us through the refi process. My net costs turned out to be actually less than your estimates, which was great. I’m always apprehensive and wary doing business over the internet, but you both made this refinance as painless as possible. I’ll try to track you down next time I buy a house or refi.



All closed, yeah. Thanks Chris for all your help. You helped us get an outstanding rate, and you and you team did a great job with getting our close done. Especially when we shorten the close date by a week.

We will certainly pass your name along to anyone we know looking to buy or re-finance.

James S.
Thank you Chris and Julie -

As it was in the past and as expected, we truly appreciate all you do and did for us through this refinance and the original financing. You both make the process so simple and easy for us!

One quick note on Freedom Mortgage. I received a phone call late afternoon on Friday from the Vice President of Sales at Freedom Mortgage urging me to quickly call him back regarding our loan. Of course I knew the reason why, but I did not get a chance until early evening to go home, thus when all snakes retreat to their dens. I clearly explained that if the call is to try to salvage the mortgage they lost, tht there is no reason to call me back as we are gladly moving onto a more caring and trustworthy company with our refinance.

Just wanted you to know that they are still trying to stab you in the back, but it won’t work on us.

Have a great day and we look forward to contacting you with all of our future mortgage needs.

Rob and Diana

Good morning Jill, Nevene and Michael,
Jeff and I would to take a moment to thank you for all of your help, in making our home buying process so simple. Generally speaking the mortgage part of the process is the most difficult, however this was truly not the case for us, thanks to everyone’s knowledge and thoroughness. Your patience, professionalism and helpfulness were much appreciated. Time and time again you all exceeded all of our expectations and there will be no hesitation recommending GWC to our friends and family.

Thanks again,
Jeff and Tammi

Michael and his team were a pleasure to work with. They beat the best rates I found through search engines and services. They beat my realtor’s expectations on closing despite the very recent new rules that caused closing problems with other lenders. When there were issues and questions, Michael made himself available despite the holidays, by mobile, from vacation. Even with last minute changes on closing dates and power of attorney, his team and his lender made it all happen on time and under budget.

Jeff A, Ocoee, FL

It has been really busy for me after closing, moving, work, holidays and mother was so sick at home. I would like to thank you again I’ve been telling everybody family and friend co workers about the awsome job you did. you PROMISED and you DELIVERED.

I am still in the process of moving, will definitely stay in touch.
I would definitely recommend you to everyone, I am confident that you will take care of them.

Thank you
Nervine N.

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help with the purchase of my first home. I appreciate all that you and your staff did for us. The closing went very smoothly. Thank you again and I will be sure to pass your name on to those I know who could use your assistance. Thank you again!

Mariesa D. & Family.

You’ll be interested to know that all was funded today.
Many thanks to you and Nicole for all your advice and assistance.
God bless you & Cristy,

Thank you, Chris!  We really appreciate all of your help with this.

All best in 2016!

Dan and Cate


Thank you for all your help. We’re very satisfied with how things turned out. Sorry for the delayed response. We wish you a happy & blessed 2016!

Nick C.

Dear Mike, It seems like each time we refinance we say this is the last time but the rates keep going down. No problem, because working with the excellent and vigilant staff at Gateway Capital makes the process completely painless. Thanks again Mike for the exemplary service.

Sincerely, Matthew Andoniadis

Charles – Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work you did in helping refinance our house. It is difficult to do such a complex business transaction with such thoroughness at a distance, but you accomplished the task with ease. The initial figures you gave in our first conversation were quite close to the final numbers. I would have no hesitation recommending you to any of our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again, Jim B. The Villages

Charles, We would like to compliment you and your organization on the efforts in the refinancing of my home loan. Nicole was able to work through all the issues that came up as we went through the process. We are very happy with the rate and the closing costs which turned out better than the original quote. Thanks very much.

Bill & Scarlet H. – St Augustine, Fl

Chris, Veronica is a good friend of mine and I truly hope you can help her! I told her that you were by far the best loan officer I have ever spoken to. And quiet honestly the most knowledgeable!!!!Thank you again for your help!!

Debbie S.

Finding someone to trust with such a significant and important financial matter as a mortgage is not easy. I was fortunate to have my refinancing needs handled by Charles at Gateway Capital Mortgage. Charles got me the best available rate at the lowest cost with a very reputable lender. He was professional in his handling of my refinance and kept in contact with me throughout the entire proces

s. I had initially contacted two other mortgage brokers/lenders, including my then existing mortgage company to inquire about refinancing options. Charles at Gateway Capital Mortgage was the only broker who made my priority “his” priority. Charles got it done! Charles was a pleasure to work with and l will not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends for their mortgage needs.
Rich P. Naples, FL


10/1/2012-I highly recommend working with Chris Rezk and his team.  You will experience a high level of professionalism, very detail oriented and great management.  Paying attention to details, providing proper and suitable advice and always willing to take your call day, night and weekend to assure proper and speed transaction.  His knowledge, expertise and superior services empowered the whole process.  I will not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future and to refer him to all my friends and family. Being updated with loan status on a timely fashion and keeping us informed with any changes or what the next step will be was exceptional.  It was an easy, seamless transition!  Thanks for a great rate, great service and peace of mind for the next 30 years….

9/22/2012 – I recently refinanced my home through Gateway Capital Mortgage and I could not believe how simple and easy the process was. I have applied for mortgages in the past for either the purchase of a home or the refinancing of one and there always seemed to be some sort of problem during the process. They always needed some more information or there was one delay after another for some reason. This time I did not have one issue. Chris e-mailed me the forms I needed to fill out and a list of the documents that were needed. I scanned the completed the forms and documents back to him and in no time at all we had an appraiser came out to the house and shortly after that a closing date was set. The whole thing was done in 30 days and Chris got me a very competitive rate. I would highly recommend Gateway Capital Mortgage to anyone looking for a mortgage.

7-26-2012 – As I reflect on my refinancing experience with Gateway Capital it was just wonderful. Charles you stayed involved throughout the process so nothing was a surprise and with a financial transaction of this importance I was never in doubt of a positive outcome.  You made it very simple and friendly.  In the end I am very pleased, so thank you. Take care Randy Singh

7/23/2012 – Hi Chris & Tracey, Thanks for checking in… everything seemed to go just fine with the closing. As far as I can tell everything is perfect. Thanks to both of you for your persistence and attention to detail. Also, thank you both for your excellent communications. Although it took much longer than it should have, I know that the reasons for that revolve around the tight lender restrictions, and is no fault of yours. Sincerest thanks for everything… we will now enjoy having a little more money left over after we pay our mortgage!
All the best! Rich Kayser

7/23/2012 – Dear Charles, It always seems to be a bit of a risk to do a major business transaction over the internet. In researching our home refinance options, I discovered Gateway Capital Mortgage. The posted interest rates are what first caught my attention. I was hesitant to respond, but did anyway. From my first contact with you and your organization, through our closing last week, we have had the best possible experience. Indeed, my wife is a real estate agent, former mortgage processor and loan officer. She agrees that our experience could not have been more professional, expedient or satisfactory. Thank you for making it so. Sincerely, Jim Gustafson – Satisfied Customer

7/18/2012 – I had been trying to secure a refinance on my home due to a divorce. Even though I had an excellent credit score & history, as well as great debt-to-income ratio, I found it incredibly dificult to get ANY mortgage company to understand my needs. Because of a lack of experience of the agents, the lack of communication between entities, or the lack of honesty in the process, I do not know, nor care. I had just about given up when I stumbled upon Gateway Mortgage Company. Frank Giurgis(hope I didn’t butcher that name much) was my agent & stuck with me through the whole process. Not only did he get me the RIGHT interest rate I felt I deserved, he laid out all up-front & closing costs(which were slightly lower at closing-yay) in a manner discernible to me. The closing was as smooth as glass! No surprises & the agent showed up right on the dot at 4:00P.M.! After a very long year I can say I now have xactly what I was after-Thanks Frank & Gateway Mortgage!!!

7/16/2012 – Hi chris, I just want to let you know that since the 1st contact, It was clear to me, that you’re the mortgage persone I want to deal with.Your kindness and your professionalism kept my attention. Also, when you come to my home just to get the application signed ,my wife and I have highly appreciate it, and thank you for that  You have being present on my side making everything simple and helping me to follow the file step by step to the closing. It was real pleasure to do business with you and Melissa. Let me, again, thank you very much for your commitment to get deal done  I will recommande you and your cie to all my friends and family,for any financial needs

7/12/2012 – Hi Chris and Jill, I just want to thank you both for making this refinance a breeze and a pleasure. I have refinanced before and never had it so easy with people so responsive. You can feel free to use any of my comments on your website and if anyone ever needs a referral you can send them to me! I am almost sorry it’s over now that I have closed as I enjoyed working with you both so much! You all take care and anytime I can act as a referral you just let me know. Thank you again – You folks are awesome!!! :-)Carol A. Simmons

7/11/2012 – Hi Chris,Thank you for your detailed explanation both by phone and email and that clears it up for me. This is just fine and I appreciate all you and Jill did to help me get through this pretty painlessly. :-) You are an awesome team to work with and I would highly recommend you both to anyone wanting to refinance or get a loan. Thank you again for all your help! – Carol A. Simmons

6/20/2012 –  Let’s be honest, rates matter the most.  When I started the process of getting a mortgage, my primary goal was to look for the lowest rates, and once I did, I made absolutely sure that I worked with a legitimate and professional mortgage servicing company.  Thankfully, Gateway Capital Mortgage really came through for me.  Michael and his team really understood that rates are critical (they were the lowest I found after extensive research).  But, they went well beyond just low rates — they provided me with an extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service.  Truthfully, at the outset, I was a bit hesitant to work with Gateway Capital Mortgage because their rates were so low.  But, after getting on the phone with Michael, I immediately recognized that he was truly skilled at what he did, passionate about his trade, and extremely professional.  He and his staff addressed my many concerns and questions, and were always willing to guide me through the entire process.  That careful attention was very important to me as this was my first home purchase, and the process was quite daunting.  Ultimately, I saved a great deal of money working with Michael and his team, and, I would unquestionably give them my highest recommendations. – Eric

6/7/2012 – Thank you Charles for all of your assistance during this loan process. I greatly appreciate your punctuality in getting back with me during this process when I had questions. I also appreciate your follow up call to see how the close went.  Julie was great also in getting back to me on all issues. If I know of anyone in need of a refinance, I will send them your way to Gateway Capital Mortgage for assistance. Have a wonderful week!Sincerely, Kathleen D. Kappel

6/4/2012 – Dear Chris Rezk, Thank you very much for your kind email and totally outstanding job with my mortgage financing. It was a pleasure to do business with you. You made me very comfortable from the beginning. You were very honest and that is very important to me as a consumer.
Whatever you promised you honored and that is also very important to me as a consumer. I will be more than happy to recommend your service to friends and family. Thank you again, Suad Arifovic

6/4/2012 – Thank you for the excellent service, Chris!  First you had the best deal, and then as you promised it would be that or better.- It got better! You answered all my questions in a timely fashion.  Finally, the loan was expedited in a timely process.Thanks again, Ronald and Rita Wimmer

5/25/2012 – Hi Chris, I would like to thank you for your help and fast response throughout my first refinancing experience; it was fast and smooth. I got a great rate and minimal closing cost. I would use Gateway Capital Mortgage again and will definitely recommend you to my friends. Best regards, Murat

5/17/2012 – Hi Chris and Tracey, We would like to thank you both for making our refinancing go so smoothly. I have to admit – even though a friend of ours recommended you, we were hesitant to use a mortgage company without any face to face contact. Doing everything over the phone and through email made me a little nervous. But you both followed through on everything, contacting us just as you said you would. We got the rate that was promised,and minimal out of pocket expense. The closer came to us, as scheduled and we completed all of the paperwork without a hitch! We will definitely use you again,and will recommend you to our family and friends.
Thanks again, Sandy and Lauren

5/17/2012 – Hello Chris, I just want to say that you and Tracey Warren were so helpful – I could have never made it through the new process for re financing without the two of you. I would recommend Gateway Capital mortagage as a place that can help you with the mortgage process. Things went much more smoothly than I had expected and everything was made as convenient as possible for me. Thanks again to you both, Mary Driscoll

5/16/2012 – My experience with Michael and Jill at Gateway Capital was very positive. Michael’s knowledge of the market allowed me to get a better rate than I first thought and certainly much better than what other lenders were offering. Michael and Jill were able to close my refinance in a timely manner due to their professionalism and attention to detail. I have already referred several of my colleages and friends who are interested in refinancing their homes. Patrick, Orlando, FL

5/8/2012 – Michael Tadros and the other professionals at Gateway Capital were extremely helpful and prompt in answering my questions and taking care of all of the details of my refinance.  Even when I repeated a few questions they patiently addressed all of my concerns.  Their rates were the lowest and they willingly provided loan information all the way through.  I would highly recommend Michael and Gateway Capital – my refinance was a smooth and timely process. Thank you, Jan B.

5/6/2012 – Hi Charles, I wanted to personally thank you for everything. Having your support during the difficult times with the seller was very reassuring. We are on our way home after spending a very busy week painting and cleaning. We love our new home. Thank you for all your work in helping make it possible. Sincerely, Diane Senney

4/30/2012 – “Throughout a long, tedious, and difficult  refinancing process, Michael Tadros and Gateway Capital Mortgage helped us navigate all the challenges we faced. Being self-employed, we faced many obstacles, but Michael kept us informed and encouraged us during the process. We appreciate his hard work and diligence.” Bill S.

4/19/2012 – Charles – It was my pleasure working with you and your company.  You always went above and beyond to keep me informed every step of the way during my transaction.   I will highly recommend your company and services to all of my friends and family who are looking to refinance their homes. Take care and thanks for a job well done! Best Regards, Andy

3/28/2012 –  I just closed on a refinance through Gateway Capital and have to say that although I was very skeptical at first, I am very pleased with the service and rate that I received through Charles Tadros. I’ve always dealt with my mortgages through the bank that I have used for the last twenty years, but finally decided to go out on a limb and try to get the lowest rate out there. I found Gateway online and was quite nervous about never having met them or even heard of them, but am glad that I took the risk. Charles delivered on all his promises and I was able to obtain a very low rate, with no points or fees. I will definitely use Gateway Capital again if the need arises. David, D

3/13/2012 – Hi Charles, The absolute biggest of thanks for helping refinance my home!  I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest to work with and you handled it with the utmost of professionalism.   I really can’t say enough good things about the work you did but I can provide you my highest recommendation.  If I can ever do anything for you please don’t hesitate to ask and I sincerely hope we do business again. Best Regards,Scott

3/11/2012 –  “I have to thank Michael and Iliana for all their diligent work and perseverance in getting my mortgage refinanced. My situation was not the simple attractive borrower that lenders would clamor for, but through their belief that it could be done, we came at it in several ways until we (they) found a way to work it. Closed yesterday, will disburse midweek, and I’m so looking forward to a much improved cash flow – due to a great interest rate and the hard work of the Gateway Capital team.” Phil Thompson

3/09/2012 -“Working with Charles Tadros of Gateway Capital has been a true pleasure.  I was a bit skeptical of doing business with someone who we personally did not know and became aware of thru an internet search.  Charles from the very first day through the closing on our refinance process was very professional, knowledgeable and personable.  He kept his word to the very last minute – there were no hidden fees or surprises at closing.  Charles/Gateway Capital made the process  smooth and easy for us.  We will recommend Charles Tadors and Gateway Capital to anyone looking to refinance.  Thank you, Mike and Terry Pino ; MIAMI

1/11/2012 – My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with the service we received from Gateway Capital Mortgage. From start to finish, everyone was professional and efficient and best of all, we got a fabulous rate. We high recommend them! Wendy Grimm, Jacksonville, FL

1/09/2012 – Good morning Charles,  It is has been a great  pleasure and opportunity to work with you and your supporting staff at Gateway Capital.All  correspondences and criteria where meet professionally and in a very timely manner which proved effortless in our refinance Thanks too Gateway, Steven Kashius

12/28/2011 – Dear Chris, Just wanted to say thank you.  After I first contacted you I didn’t talk to you for a bit.  As I think I told you I was checking around for the best deal.  As good as your offer sounded I thought I must be able to do better.  I was wrong.  I am very happy when I contacted you the second time and you stood by the numbers we talked about and gave me the best deal I could find.  You have been a pleasure to deal with even when I was a bit of a pain having you check and double check numbers.  If I ever refi again I will call you Chris.

12/21/2011 – I was extremely happy with Michael Tadros & Gateway Capital Mortgage during my recent mortgage refinance. Refinancing is never fun but Michael and his assistant Melody made it as painless for me as possible. I spoke to alot of brokers during my refinance search and Michael was the one I trusted. He went out of his way to make sure I understood his answers to my many (and sometimes redundant) questions. My first and probably only call if I need to refinance will be to Micheal at Gateway Capital Mortgage. Jean Beau

12/7/2011 – Michael,Thank you to you and your team for a well managed and well orchestrated process.  You and your team were always responsive to questions no matter what time of day we sent them to you.   The entire process was extremely seamless and we always felt we were in the best of hands.  You followed through on everything you promised and I would definitely recommend Gateway to anyway looking for a first class mortgage broker! Thanks, Mike H

12/5/2011 – Charles,I promised that I would write a note about working with you on our recent re-financing project and I am glad to do that.  But I also want to personally thank you for the patience and support that you and your staff offered to us from start to finish.  Though my spouse and I were in the busiest part of our annual schedules you made it almost a breeze to walk through the process of assembling the necessary documents and choosing from among several options.  The closing itself was refreshingly easy and straightforward thanks to all of your hard work. I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know who is seeking to buy or re-finance a home.  One of the benefits that I discovered by working with a reputable mortgage broker was that you were able to monitor market conditions continuously and to negotiate a very attractive deal on our behalf.  The final package that you put together included not only a low interest rate but also extremely favorable closing costs. It has been a pleasure working with you, Charles.  Though we have no immediate plans to relocate, I hope that we will be able to do business again in the not-too-distant future.  Best wishes to you in all of your endeavors.

Sincerely,Philip and Adrienne River

Chris, We really appreciate your assistance, tenacity, and guidance through all of the process and some of the never ending hassles we face as a couple and family. If anything we are sorry to have added layers of complexity to your job. Anyhow, thanks again for all the hard work! You have made a very positive and lasting impression with us about the type of company Gateway Capital Mortgage is and we won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends or anyone else we know of who is looking to refinance. Regards, Kurt Wagner

11/15/2011 – I just did a refinance with Gateway Capital it was by far the smoothest and quickest documentation and closing process I have ever experienced! Not to mention the super low interest rates I got! Mike always provides the best in speed and service.” Sincerely, Karim Thomas

“I have worked with Michael Tadros several times to refinance my house. He made several commitments that I didn’t think he would be able to do. He has always exceeded all expectations with those commitments. I highly recommend Michael and trust him to complete all facets with any type of loan.” D. Chavannes

The support in receiving the loan was exceptional under rather difficult and extraordinary time constraints. I really appreciate the support from the Gateway Capital Mortgage Group and would definitely do business with them again. Steven Kalabokes -Fairfax, VA

“I just did a refinance with Gateway Capital it was by far the smoothest and quickest documentation and closing process I have ever experienced! Not to mention the super low interest rates I got! Mike always provides the best in speed and service.” K. Thomas – IL

Charles – We both want to thank you for all the work you did with us on our refinanacing. We both appreciate the time and patience you took with us in getting everything together and answering our many questions and concerns. We felt we were in competent hands and that you were looking out for our best interest at all times. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks,Bob and Maria

Hi Julie and Michael – We closed yesterday at my home and we gave the notary the two seperate cashier’s checks for each loan. Everything went smoothly. Thank you all so much for making it once again a very professional and efficient process even with the ever increasing barrage of requirements for documents, prepayments, and last minute items. Everyone at Gateway has always been accessible and responsive. We appreciate it very much and believe very strongly that such levels of customer service, patience, and professionalism displayed by Gateway Capital are the only right way to do business! Sincerely, Milosh and Cherie Grubor

Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you very much for handling our refinance. Although the lender was tough, your company was there step by step to assist me in procuring the loan at a great rate. You kept all your promises throughout the process and I would highly recommend you to my friends and family. I appreciate your candidness and integrity. Thanks again! – Emilio Cacace, Esq.

I just want to thank you for all the hard work you and Laura put into my refinancing! I very much appreciated how quickly and efficiently each and every phone call and email was answered – even late at night and on weekends! I also appreciated how you explained (sometimes repeatedly) every step of the process and offered me innovative options along the way tailored to my situation. After my personal identification had been compromised with the other mortgage company in the past, I had my reservations on ever trying to refinance again. Your professionalism and commitment to making me feel at ease every step of the way was very reassuring. Thanks for making this refinance a much more enjoyable experience! With much appreciation, Janet M. Sibol

Charles and Julie, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making our home buying a pleasurable experience. Even though we did not have perfect credit , you made us feel like we were your best clients. We have bought a few homes in our life but have never had such a delightful team to work with in you two. You were honest and accessible at all hours if we had a question. You came through on every promise and then some. You are great asset to your industry and wish you much success in the future.Thanks again, Scott and Rebecca Sampson

Kim–“Thank you” for very much for the rubber return address stamp I just received in the mail yesterday. Your appreciation gift if very much welcomed and I certainly will use it ~ it’s very practical, useful and I will think of you whenever I use it. I’m still getting emails from friends who have viewed my “new address” per your web link that you constructed for me. They like the link and are shocked that “I” would have enough computer-smarts to build that; so I have to tell them to notice your name/address/business on the page and give you due credit ~ haha. Thank you too for that.  My best to you ~ Greg.

Charles, I just wanted to write a little note letting you know just how much I appreciate all of your help through the refinance process!! You made such a daunting task enjoyable with your wonderful personality and strong knowledge of your bussiness. You made me feel like no question was a stupid question and you always answered all my questions timely (most of them right away). I felt very comfortable working with you from the very first phone call. I will truly miss working with you. Thanks Again!! – Chris Benton

I live in Jacksonville, but chose to work with Gateway Capital in Tampa for my mortgage. Their rates were better than anything I could find locally or online. The process went very smoothly and they helped me through all the new documentation requirements and we were able to close on time. Michael and Julie were very prompt with all communication with myself and all real estate agents, insurers, etc. At closing, the Title agent was amazed at the low rate and low fees associated with my loan. I would highly recommend using Gateway Capital for your next mortgage. Joel Batten – Jacksonville, Florida

Charles, I will be sure to remark to all in the years to come how tenacious your team was…and in the end your firm proves it doesn’t have to be “either/or” when it comes to budget vs. quality.    I’ll be sure to keep you on our lips anytime the topic comes up in the months and years to come as well. Thanks.—-Robert

I have used Michael Tadros and Gateway Capital Mortgage to finance my home purchase and have also refinanced with him. The level of service, pricing, and professionalism was exemplary. Michael and his staff facilitated the process quickly, reliably, and economically. I am comfortable when contacting Gateway that I not only get the best mortgage pricing available, but that the entire process is done right! I have recommended Michael to several of my colleagues who have also come away impressed by his service and dedication. Milosh Grubor MD

Dear Charles, I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciated the time and efforts shown in the refinancing of the mortgage on my home. Even though we have not met personally, I was able to reach a comfort and trust level that meant a great deal in this process. I found that all employees related to your organization responded quickly, effectively and with an eye on cost savings that was dramatically different from banks that I have dealt with in past to complete a mortgage process. The barriers from our bank to prevent our refinance were significant, irresponsible and very unprofessional, but your persistence, patience, knowledge cleared the way for a good product for our mortgage. Thank you for your help. Wishing you great success for Gateway Capital Mortgage and your future endeavours. Sincerely, Sally Shinn

Charles, It was a pleasure working with you and your company. You answered my questions in a timely manner and lived up to all your promises. I will gladly recommend you to others. I wish I would of called your company first, when I started looking for refinancing, it would of saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks, Steve Metzger

“Michael, I really appreciate all of your help getting financed to purchase our home. We love living in Lake Toscana! This house is beautiful and a deal we just couldn’t pass up.Luckily we didn’t have to pass it up. We could not have done it without you though! Thanks so much for everything. You truly made the process easier than I thought it would be, and continued to work with me even through the roadblocks when it seemed the end would never be in sight. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family members.” Sincerely, Christi Wilkins 1/27/2011

1/18/2011 – “Changing times yet solid team” Mike and Nevene have been helping my clients with there mortgage needs for almost 4 years now. Its been great to know that I have a team to rely on that takes the stress out of the mortgage process and stays upto date with all the changes in the market. Its been a great asset to my team to have brokers like them who shoot straight and get you to closing table as promised. In these changing times of the Real Estate industry, its great to know that they remain solid for my clients and myself. – Mike Tolba
1/23/2011 – “Excellent Service” I chose Michael Tadros (Gateway Capital Mortgage, Inc.) over four other banks and brokers. I only had two weeks to close on a short sale property and boy Michael’s team especially Laura was great and they came through even seller who used to be a broke himself was impressed. I will recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you for all the help. Humera

“Thank you for your excellent service!” Refinancing my existing mortgage was more complicated than I thought it would be, but Michael and Julie at Gateway Capital Mortgage made the process alot easier. They were always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had, and worked with me to get the best possible rates. Thank you Julie and Michael.


“great service;prompt attention” The entire transaction was carried by email with a few scattered phone calls.The closing was held at my home.At first I was sceptical.Over the years I have bought and sold 6 homes and was old fashion about not having personnal contact with the person I was doing buisness with.It went perfectly with Mike and his team.


“Best Rates and Service!”  Mike was so helpful with our home purchase and got me the best rates that even the big banks couldn’t match. He also got me approval when other lenders told me I wouldn’t be able to qualify! A few months after we closed on the house, interest rates dropped from what we were locked in at and Mike was kind enough to refinance our previous loan into a lower rate for almost NO COST! That is great customer service and he will definitely get all of my future business!


“Great Service and a Great Rate” Michael and his team were extremely responsive to my inquiries. In fact, I am not sure they ever sleep. Not only was the communucation at high standard, the rate was the most competitive I found. Not often you get the best price with great service these days!

“Re: Michael Tadros and honest effort.” It was just by chance I had the opportunity to work with Michael Tadros. My wife and I are so happy that we did. Not only did he listen and understand what we were after but he worked extremely hard to make our wishes and desires come true. What an extreme pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable and honest in his approach. He always followed up with us and never gave us information or expectations that he didn’t follow through on. I know it’s unusual to be able to work with someone you can completely trust in this business but Michael Tadros is that kind of person. Thank you, Michael.


“Mike Tadros–makes each experience worthwhile” Fast, efficient, he and the company “cover all bases.” Beyond, the re-financing is not done unless there is a clear cost/benefit (savings) to the customers…straight-forward, honest and concise–that are his hallmarks, and the two “re-fi’s” we have done with Mr. Tadros have both resulted in significant monthly savings. At each step, Mike has been on the lookout for ways that WE can save money! I would definitely recommend Michael Tadros to anyone looking for a “re-fi.”


“Appreciation” Mike recently handled the refinancing of my condo. He was prompt, efficient and helpful in every way. Despite a significant delay due to the underwriters continual insistance on additional data andd info, Mike managed to hold the lock-in rate at the original amount even though rates had increased significantly by the time of closing. I would not hesitate to recommeng Mike to anyone in need of his services.


“Great Service” The home financing I have experienced in the past was always with local brokers that I could meet face to face so I was a little skeptical dealing with someone out of state. There is so much fraud and horror stories in the mortgage market these days but I went on the recommendation of a friend who used Gateway Capital. Everything turned out great with a fair rate on a 10 year fixed 1st mortgage. They were very responsive from the start and all legitamite up to the closing which was conducted by a local title company. I would recommend others to use Gateway Capital Mortgage.


“The Other Guy” Thanks, Michael. During the initial phases of looking for a morgage company I contacted 6 others. Michael quickly gained my interest my getting to the point of what he could do. The end result was he was able to beat the “Other Guy”. Thanks, we are good to go Mike Prescott


“MD” Michael is a very honest, straight forward person, who looks after your best interest and gets you the best rate available for your loans. He has worked with my and several of my family and friends recently who give the same opinion. Do not hesitate to use him for your home loan needs!

The process was good and straight forward everything with Chris Rezk from Gateway was professional and very responsive. He was so easy to deal with and friendly. He treated us with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy! The rates were changing frequently- so the process required constant attention. Chris was all over it….He has followed through on the whole process and been a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend Chris Rezk and Gateway Capital.

Larry and Rose Haas

We would like to compliment Muirelle Montecalvo on her extremely professional, efficient and caring manner in which she processed the refinancing of our home. Muirelle offered a great rate with great closing costs. These stayed consistent through out the closing of the loan. She is highly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the loan process. Definitely a numbers person. She answered all questions we had in a very timely manner, either by phone or email. She went well out of her way to accommodate us. We will highly recommend her to anyone we know who may be looking to buy or refinance their home.

Ronald and Janice Beck

This is a letter of recommendation for Michael Tadros and the fine people at Gateway Capital Mortgage.  I am not recommending them because they obtained an excellent mortgage rate for me, which they did.  Nor am I recommending them for their knowledge of the lenders and the lending market, of which they are experts. Nor their responsiveness, attention to detail, and their ability to gently guide you through a  process that is sometimes very confusing .  These are all givens, and you should expect these qualities from the company who is obtaining a mortgage for you.

I am recommending Michael and his team because at the 11th hour, 45 minutes prior to closing,  we received phone call from the company performing the closing that their computers and printers were down and the 89 pages of documentation could not be sent in time for closing that day.  I phoned Michael and explained the situation to him knowing that this was the last day of our “lock” and that there would be significant expense to extend the lock even a single day.  Forty-five minutes later he called back with two plan B’s that enabled us to bypass the “problems” and still close the same day. It would have been very easy for Michael to throw up his hands and blame someone else for the delay…..but he didn’t. That’s why I recommend him and Gateway Capital Mortgage.

Best regards, Greg and Sandy T. – Glenview, Illinois

Michael, I wanted to write to thank you and your team for the exceptional effort provided during my refinance. You and your team were very accurate and professional and this made the refinancing process simple and easy. It was my pleasure to work with a company with your level of ethics and professionalism.

Thank you, Patrick

Thank You Charles it has been a pleasure working with you, have to admit it was a smooth process and quick closing. I was a little skeptical using the internet but you really came thru for us and we wont forget it. Thank everyone at Gateway for us. Have a Happy Holiday season and I will most certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

Scott B

Michael and Tara -I signed all documents this morning. Everything you sent in the package was as we discussed. I do appreciate every ones honesty. I am going to the bank soon to wire transfer the money. Thank you for all your help. I will refer Gateway Capital to other people for sure. It was a pleasure working with everyone from Gateway Capital.

Best regards,Eric

Charles – Thank you again, your communication was timely, your were good to your word, and it was a pleasure to do business with you. I would use your services again


My husband and I recently purchased a home in St. Petersburg Fl. with the help of Gateway Capital Mortgage. We received excellent service from them and particularly Michael and Nevene Tadros. This could have been a very difficult process because we don’t presently live in Florida however Gateway made everything seem easy. They were always available to assist us and answer any and all questions that I or my husband had. We highly recommend this company for your home buying needs. They rendered exemplary service at very competitive prices. Thank you Gateway, I would not hesitate to use you again in the future.

George and Toni Butler

Shannon and Nevene, it is my great pleasure to personally thank you at Gateway Capital for bringing back the professionalism and the credibility to the mortgage lending industry. These qualities had been in a state of absolute decline over the past few years and I greatly appreciate and acknowledge your successful efforts in bringing these standards back to the forefront of the industry. I have have had several closings with your company that have been executed effortlessly and have closed as and when scheduled. I commend you for your continued service as a lender in this industry and I along with my business partners look forward to a continued successful business relationship over the coming years..

C. Francis 

Thank you so much Charles for helping us with our refinancing. As you know when our appraisal didn’t go as planned we felt as though the wheels had come off the wagon. Thankfully you stepped in with some sound alternatives, that in the long run, will actually be better for our situation. Your personal attention (hand holding) while we were going through the process was greatly appreciated. But in the end it was your professionalism and the staff at Gateway Capital that got us to the closing. With a fantastic fixed rate and peace of mind knowing that we locked into a great deal.

Mr. Aquiles and Mary Molina

Hello Shannon, I wanted to thank you for assisting me with the transaction last week. Doing business with you was above my expectations. The house is coming along great and the final renovations should be complete this week. There were no unexpected surprises and we’re right on budget.Thanks again and I’m shopping for my next deal.

Don Riffe

It was a pleasure doing business with everyone at Gateway Capital Mortgage , It was nice dealing with someone that was completely honest with us about everything as well as dealing with someone that was willing to go an extra mile to help us out when we needed it. I am very happy and you all did a great job to help me through the scary exciting venture !!

Joseph Dawood

Charles, I had a great experience working with you and your associates. I felt the mortgage financing went smooth and you kept me up todate on changes and explained all the steps. I will not hesistate to refer Gateway Capital in the future. Please send me some business cards, etc at your earliest convenience.

John Chiodo

Thank you for providing fast, friendly and effective service during this re-finance. You and your team did a great job in providing a great rate along with a seamless transition to our new loan. Thanks!


 Thanks Charles, although more complex than my prior experience recalls, I felt very comfortable with your expertise and guidance. Thank you and I will certainly recommend your company to any future contacts of interest.


We have done at least 12 refi’s over 28 years and this one was the best ever hands down. You and Nevene have the highest standards and integrity that I have met in Florida. Please mail me your business cards so I can recommend your company to anyone looking for a new or refi. mortgage. I already gave your name to the closer yesterday and she will call you soon.

John Royal

After a frustrating 2 months and $400 spent with another mortgage company, it was a relief to work with Gateway Capital. Nevene got back to me when she said she would and made sure that I was kept abreast of the status of the loan and what I needed to do to keep things moving along. The mortgage process has become so complicated, cumbersome, time consuming, and difficult that it is essential to have someone that knows what they’re doing and follows thru. It is a plus that she also happens to be so nice:-) We couldn’t be happier with our new condo and appreciate the help in getting the mortgage.

Glenn Ball

Shannon, I want to thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and helpfulness during the loan and purchasing process of my new home. I was nervous about being a first time homebuyer, but you and your staff at Gateway Capital made the process run very smoothly. You were extremely proficient and knowledgeable when I had any questions or concerns and answered them with ease. I am very thankful for your guidance and assurance. Please accept this letter as my formal thanks and appreciation for your support. I will proudly refer you to anyone who may be in need of your services. Thanks again Shannon for all that you do.

Cordially, R. Yates

Thank you so much for your team’s assistance is securing my mortgage. This case was very challenging and I certainly could not have done it without Chris or Julie. Chris and Julie are true professionals. They are two of the most caring customer focused people I have had the pleasure to worth with. They should be commended for the work that they do on a daily basis but particular on my case. I have worked around the world and since I have been back in the United States, particularly in  Florida it is has been unsual to find customer service and professionalism of this caliber.

Thank again to the whole team! K. Santos

My wife and I refinanced our home in Highland Park, Illinois. Gateway Capital Mortgage arranged our financing and Michael Tadros and Nevene Tadros     were simply GREAT in helping us ALL THE WAY. We had searched no less than 9 national and local institutions before coming upon Gateway Capital–all of them refused us despite our excellent credit rating and high loan/value ratio. Mr. Tadros explained that it would be difficult due to our limited income, but he said he was “committed to find a lender.”

Both of the Tadros were instrumental in finding us the loan, helping us immeasurably with all the forms and the “ins-and-outs” of completing the financing. At every turn, they were there for us. As a sidelight, the appraiser that they got for us provided a very accurate assessment of our property’s true value…which resulted in a reduction of our real estate taxes; the latter basically covered ALL of our closing costs!


Michael and Nevene–thanks again…if you are ever in the Chicago area, let us buy you dinner. YOU DID EXCELLENT WORK.

Respectfully submitted, David Andalman

Charles, thanks for the professional service while obtaining my refi. After two abortive failures of previous attempts, including my original lender which cost me an origination fee of $395, and a later unused appraisal of $400 – all that sunk cost to no avail You guys came through with a low interest rate that exceeded my expectations. I apologize for being somewhat cantankerous at the outset of our negotiations, but after spending nearly $800 and much lost time, hopefully, you can understand my wariness of words and promises in trying to acquire a suitable and reliable refi. Unlike other loan officers, you, and then Julie, the “go lady” that pulled the docs together, answered all of my many questions and afforded me the security that this time a refi would happen.

Thanks Again, Ernest Marsolan

It was a pleasure working with Gateway Capital. Michael Tadros’ knowledge of the market was key in my decision to select Gateway for my mortgage refinance. Michael’s logical, well thought-out approach and Nevene Tadros’ responsiveness made every step of the refinance transaction clear and worry-free. Thanks again for such a great experience.

L. Hatton

Mike and Nevene: Thank you for your assistance with my re-fi. I very much appreciate your efficiency and responsiveness throughout the transaction. Should the opportunity arise, I will recommend your sevices to others.

Best Wishes, Frank Wiener

I want to thank both of you for all that you have done to make this work. This is truly a dream come true & it all started with Gateway.  Michael, you have made this a wonderful experience & did not have any judgments of my past ignorance. I want to thank you so much for that. You have truly changed my life for the better & I will be referring all my friends to your company. You are a very special person & business man. Julie, Thank you for all your e-mails & phone calls keeping me well informed. Your personality is perfect for your position & I’m sure you are going along way in your career. Both of you & your staff are a wonderful team.With great appreciation,

C. Hogan

I would certainly recommend Gateway Capital to my friends, family and anyone else looking for a mortgage. Not only did I get a great rate, but it was nice to work with a company and people who truly understand what customer service is. You and Michael were there to answer my questions and help out in any way you could, at any time of the day. For me, dealing with mortgage brokers has never been as pleasant and easy as it was dealing with Gateway and you. Thank you very much.


Charles- Thanks for all the help. It was greatly appreciated and desperately needed in a time when banks are so unwilling too loan money for the future of peoples homes. Your hard work and dedication during this loan process was nothing short of professional. Thanks again.

T. Pulice

I’m writing you today to let you know how happy I am in my experience with Gateway Capital. I felt like a VIP every step of the way, especially when dealing with Charles Tadros. Not only did I have extremely low closing costs, much lower than all competitors, but I was kept in constant contact to lock in a low rate. I was also given extra help about my home purchase questions for subjects outside of the mortgage process. It has truly been a great experience and I would refer anyone purchasing to use Gateway Capital.

J. Falk

What a difference! In 2006, I was in the market to refinance my mortgage and found a “discount” mortgage broker on-line. It was a nightmare! They couldn’t get the right terms in the mortgage documents let alone do the math calculations. I finally pulled the plug on the loan when they couldn’t close it within the 30-day lock period. Compare that experience with my recent experience with Gateway Capital Mortgage. Having tracked mortgage rates for some months on various web sites, Gateway offered the terms I sought! From my initial e-mail message confirming those terms, Gateway was professional and business-like and especially responsive and diligent in finalizing the loan. They answered all my questions and explained aspects of the process that I didn’t quite understand. In all of the times I’ve applied for mortgages or refinancing, Gateway stands head-and-shoulders above the others in terms of product and service. This is the first time I’ve ever had a loan closed within 2 weeks of my initial inquiry!

Brian. G

For anyone thinking about applying for a mortgage or refinancing, I would like to speak about my experience with Gateway Capital Mortgage. I was looking to refinance and was comparing interest rates on the internet and found Gateway Capital Mortgage had extremely competitive rates and low closing costs. Once I started working with the staff at Gateway Capital Mortgage their level of professionalism and attentiveness to my refinancing needs won me over. I would like to thank Nevene Tadros and Michael Tadros for all their hard work in making the process of refinancing go as smoothly as possible.

William Billows

  •  1. How did everything go with your loan?     Everything went as expected, which was a huge relief. This was the first closing that I have ever gone through that did not have any last minute surprises! 
  • 2. Would you use Gateway Capital Mortgage again?     Yes, I would only go through Gateway Capital Mortgage! Even if I got a competitive price from someone, I would still choose Gateway. I know the price quotes from Gateway are accurate. Other Mortgage companies promise one thing then deliver another. With Gateway I got exactly what I was quoted, in addition to the excellent customer service.
  • 3. Will you recommend us to your family and friends?     Without a doubt! I would highly recommend Gateway. The customer service, dedication and care I received to close my mortgage, through a very rough personal time, was truly priceless!

D. Imbody

“I am a High School Business Teacher and I teach my students how to do things like this. So when it comes to re-financing or the like I am very hesitant to trust something that sounds too good to be true until it actually happens. All I can say is that Michael did exactly what he said he would do, and everything turned out great. I would highly recommend working with him to my students, my co-workers, and my friends.”

C. Johnson

Charles was ver easy to work with. He consistently provided excellent communications regarding the financing process, and frequently e-mailed or called me to ensure I was comfortable with the process. Thanks to him, I was able to receive a good loan rate and save almost $500/month.


Thanks for your help, Charles. Have a great day!

K.Dunne -

Michael Tadros and his team at Gateway Capital worked diligently to refinance my home loan. Michael was easy to find at any time, he happily answered my questions, and he helped reduce my monthly mortgage payment 15% during these difficult times. I contentedly recommend Gateway Capital Mortgage.


Chris Karras

As a investigative consumer, I was bombarded with rate quotes from a variety of brokers. It can be overwhelming. However, I was extremely impressed with Michael’s willingness to truly educate me about the process of refinancing, pricing, market fluctuations, etc. In addition, Michael responded to my emails very quickly, and never hesitated to follow-up with a phone call to make sure I understood every detail. This level of service paired with the most competitive rates available have earned my future business while prompting my recommendation to friends and family.


Dear Michael and Nevene,
I wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation. I was very pleased with your professionalism. Every step of the process you explained yourselves and gave accurate disclosures. I have worked with many companies like yours but I have to let you know I was never more pleased. Your attention to detail and your concern for me were very apparent. Most companies would have taken the easy way out but you hung in there and got every one of my many questions answered. You can be assured the next time I need a new mortgage or re-finance I will be calling Gateway Capital first, why waste my time with anybody else.
Again it was a pleasure working with your team.
William F. Wells
PS. Thank you for saving me two months worth of mortgage payments, it was very unexpected!

Dear Michael,
Thank You for your incredible service on our refinance. I had an excellent mortgage broker who provided my last 3 refinances. As rates dropped this time it was difficult to reach him, so I started a search for a new broker who I would feel comfortable with. I was reluctant to switch as I knew my broker well. But after a brief search you pursued my business in a professional and tenacious way, for months in fact. That was impressive!

But when rates snapped to their lowest ever recently my old broker magically began calling. When we talked he offered a rate that was too good to be true with great closing costs, but in an effort to be fair to you since you were so diligent at follow up with me over several months I gave you the chance to earn my business and you did!

I was still a bit reluctant knowing closing the loan would prove your true ability as a broker. Well, you certainly did. We even hit a snag with an old loan that had never been recorded as satisfied, the same one that gave me trouble on my last refinance. The difference is you and your people helped us get a letter of release from the lender and recorded so next time my closing would go off without a hitch. That was where you proved your mettle and earned my business from now on. You are truly a professional.

As for my friends and family, they are hearing about your excellent service and grate rates so expect their phone calls soon! So please send me some business cards and lets watch the rates drop!

Greg & Theresa Austell

Michael Tadros called and explained their fee structure and the process. Their refinancing broker fee was the one of the lowest we found for the zero point rate we were refinancing our loan at. Michael and his wife Nevene (who was our contact during the process) were very responsive to all our queries via email or phone. Matter of fact we had our close scheduled for January 2nd, and I had some questions on the final closing cost we had received the day before. I had left a voice message for Nevene on New Year’s day (January 1st. a holiday) expecting her to get back to me next morning. Nevene called me back the same evening and spent about 45 minutes anwering all my questions patiently. It was certainly a pleasure working with a mortgage broker who is this responsive and not just looking to collect a quick commission on the business. I will certainly use them for my future home mortgage loan needs and will happily refer them to all family and freinds.

A. Shridharani

Michael, I want you to know that the refinancing of my mortgage thru your company went as smoothly as I could imagine. You and Nevene responded to any inquiries that I made as quickly as can be expected. In many cases you or Nevene responded within minuets of my email or phone call. I have spent over 30 years in sales and have prided myself on responding back to my customers as soon as possible to answer their questions and hopefully solving their problems. If I ever need to refinance or to apply for another mortgage, I will definitely contact your company. I will recommend you to friends and family if the occasion warrants. Again thank you and your team for a smooth business transaction.

D. Nowak

I recently re-financed my home through Gateway Capital Mortgage. I found Michael and Nevene to be extemely friendly and professional. They followed up on every question and task in a very timely manner and unfailingly answered my questions and concerns. I would recommend Gateway to anyone, based on my experience.

H. McMahen

My experience with Gateway Capital Mortgage has been exceedingly smooth and positive, as interaction with my broker and his assistant has been a real pleasure for me throughout the whole process of refinancing. All questions I came up with were answered comprehensively and with great patience, allowing me to better understand the whole refinancing process. My experience was made better due to the preciseness of my broker and his assistant and their choice to work with me even outside of regular business hours which was a great help. Overall, I would consider nothing but returning to Gateway Capital Mortgage for any further home financial needs because of the great support and help I received the whole way.

H. Atanassov

We just got a loan from Gateway Capital. All the paperwork and documentation was handled very professionally. As a result, I was able to close without any problems and quickly. I highly recommend Gateway Capital to anyone considering a mortgage.

A. Kholi

Denise and I would like to personally thank you for the extreme level of customer service you provided during our mortgage process. Everyone was so positive, knowledgable and and pleasant to work with. Though we have never met, your team treated us like family. You did everything possible to make sure we got the best rate, advice, and service.We are honored to have come across a good old fashioned company that honestly REALLY does put people and relationships first. We only wish you were at the closing and not so far away, because we missed the opportunity to give everyone a hug and shake your hand. We will definitely recommend your company to family, friends, business partners, and anyone else looking to buy a home.Please feel free to use this as a testimonial, and I have never offered this to anyone, even within my own company! Best wishes to you and the rest of your team for the upcoming holiday season and health and happiness to you always.Your customers forever.


It was great to have finally found someone that can really expedite a loan. I have heard rumors of people closing in 10 business days but never knew anyone to have actually done it. I am still in amazement that you completed the package in just 6 business days!! Excluding hard money loans this is unheard of in todays mortgage environment. Thank you for the great service, competitive rates, world class expedience, and most of all, accepting the challenge of servicing such a complex loan.I have purchased several pieces of property in my lifetime.


I have encountered many types of people during these transactions. None have been any nicer, more professional, or easier to deal with than I’ve found the Tadros’ to be. During the smooth transaction, there was no push, no shove, and no attitude from them. I found them to be a class act from A to Z, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a mortgage.


I am very happy and you all did a great job to help me through the scary yet exciting venture! Thanks !!! I would recommend you to anyone interested in a refinance or new mortgage!

P. Reynolds

Michael I want to say thanks for the great job you did in assisting my buyer’s in obtaining financing for their purchase of Mirabella Unit 402. You are a professional and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


“As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions about the lending process and home buying in general which Michael and Nevene answered all of them thoroughly and promptly. They took the time to explain how the entire process worked and made me feel confident in my decision to purchase a home. I would recommend Gateway Capital Mortgage to any first time home buyer.” Best Wishes,


Shannon, I would like to thank you for your professionalism with all that you and I went through to get the deal closed. I, as you know, have had a lot to deal with and would like to express my sincere appreciation for all your efforts in completing the mortgage on my new house. It took a lot off my plate at a time I could not afford to take on much more. I appreciate your patience and diligence on attaining a lending party on such a short notice. I would recommend you and your company as you never once failed to follow through on your promise to get the job done. Good luck in the future.


I am very pleased with the service that I received in refinancing my mortgage. You were a great team in making the process go smoothly. I have been shopping around for several months and you were able to deliver the most competitive rate and closing costs. You were upfront and honest with the information you provided. Had I known your company earlier, I would have closed months sooner. I would definitely recommend your team to anyone I know who is looking for a new mortgage or refinancing.

J Barlan

My experience in refinancing with Gateway capital was smooth and easy in a very turbulent and difficult credit environment. I would recommend them to anyone interested in obtaining a new mortgage or refinancing. I wish Nevene and Mike Tadros all the best in the future.


“Working with Gateway Capital was a pleasure. They made the tedious process of refinancing my home mortgage simple and even fun. The Re-fi was definitely worth the effort. Before I chose Gateway, I shopped every bank and mortgage broker in Tampa, online, and throughout the country. Gateway had (by far) the best rates. They were professional and courteous (even to my husband!) and were not put off by my unusual demands. I recommend Gateway to all my friends and will use them again in the near future.


I just want to tell you how great it was to work with you on our first transaction involving Mr. McRae. I appreciated the fact that you had begun working with Mr. McRae even before he made the offer on his new condo – I think he felt more comfortable being qualified and having your support throughout the whole process.. On my end,it was very helpful that you kept me informed every step of the way; I felt confident from the beginning that you were working on Mr. McRae’s behalf. I have to say we were both very fortunate to work with someone as outstanding – what a great guy! I would highly recommend you personally, Shannon, as well as Gateway Capital Mortgage to any future clients and have added you to my Preferred Lender List. Again, thank you for all your efforts!

L. Lowe

In the past, I have always worked face to face with a mortgage broker so I was a bit concerned when Gateway Capital, a company I had never done business with before (and located 300 miles from me) became the front runner for our loan. Yet, your friendly persistence and knowledge of the bond and mortgage business won me over. I am confident I received the best rate at a very reasonable closing cost. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Tom A.

Shannon O’Brien was recommended to me when I wanted to refinance my home. I was very pleased with his service and the whole refinance went smoothly. Shannon was very thorough in explaining the process to me, returned my phone calls promptly and followed through to complete the small details of my closing. I appreciated the way he was respectful of my time and would recommend him to anyone.


As first time homebuyers we had no idea what was involved in buying a house. You both made the whole process a simple one for us, and we appreciate you walking us through everything and holding our hands through the process. It was nice dealing with someone that was completely honest with us about everything as well as dealing with someone that was willing to go an extra mile to help us out when we needed it the most. Although we were stubborn about certain things, you stuck with us, and we really appreciate how things turned out. We love our new home, and once again, we’re very thankful for you making the entire learning process a little bit easier for us!


It was a pleasure working with Gateway on the refinancing of my home in River Forest. You were relentless in procuring the lowest rate for me. You were great in the follow up through the closing date. I thank you both very much and will recommend your team to any one I run across that is interested in a refinance or new mortgage.


Thanks so much for helping me get my home refinanced, you did a great job at getting me a good rate with low closing costs. You were very honest and diligent at getting everything done quickly and professionally and you were never pushy like some of the other companys that I had spoken to. Thanks for being so patient with me at getting all of the paperwork together. I am not the most organized person. You were great and I will refer Gateway Capital to anyone I hear talking about refinancing or getting a new mortgage loan.


As of Wed., April 30, 2008, Jerome and I are now owners of a beautiful 4bd, 2ba, Ranch home in Dolton, IL, thanks to both of you and your diligence, dedication, and professionalism in helping us obtain our mortgage. We truly appreciate your diligence in staying on us to get the necessary documents to Gateway Mortgage in order to get this deal done. Even through some delayed time schedules (the title company issue), no fault of our own or Gateway’s, you managed to get us closed before the actual closing date, which should have been May 8, 2008. We are asking God to bless the future success of Gateway Mortgage. May you be prosperous with Gateway because of your demonstration of integrity. The two of you rock! You make a dynamite team at Gateway Mortgage, and through our real estate investment company, SaveAll Investors, Inc., we hope to obtain more mortgages through Gateway in the future.


Everything went smoothly. We are due to get the check next Tuesday. The title company was prepared and our agent was knowledgable, personable, and helpful. Thank you very much to you and Michael. I will refer you to anyone that I hear of needing a mortgage.
Best regards,

J. Jurs

My husband and I were the proverbial “babes in the woods” when we went looking for financing to purchase my late father’s home from his estate. Between your straight -forward and honest openness about our credit scores, assets and financial status and your dogged determination to see the deal through despite unforeseeable and sometimes heart wrenching delays beyond our control, our dreams were realized on April 7th. Now the home my parents spent their last loving years in will remain in our family and be passed through the generations along with their memories. We cannot begin to thank you enough for all your diligence and patience through this often nerve-wracking time. As I told my friends, getting married was much easier, less paper work and a huge party at the end! But, it has been well worth it, after all. You were there to keep us up dated on progress of each tiny step forward, and to answer our silly questions, too. We don’t plan on moving again soon, but if we should need to, we will call you first thing! Take care,

P. Hendrickson

THANK YOU Gateway Capital-
I could not ask for better people to be on my side! The WHOLE team went above and beyond getting our loan done. First they got us a GREAT rate on a house and right before we were supposed to close, the deal fell through on the seller’s end- needless to say we were stunned and frustrated and had to start ALL over again finding a new home- We could not have done it without Gateway taking care of us yet again from start to finish- not only did they lend support while we kept on the hunt but they did everything possible to make the transition to a new loan and home stress-free. We STILL got a great rate and the second house was even better than the first and with all of the little things that can drive you nuts about buying a home, Gateway was one of the only things I KNEW I could count on that would be done right! PLUS, once we found our home, we wanted to close in 18 days, no one thought it could be done, but you gave us the “no problem” and here we are! I cannot thank Gateway enough for keeping me sane through it all. I will definitely tell ALL of my friends and family who to use next time they want to buy a home or refinance, and I know we’ll be talking with you guys again in years to come anytime we plan our own refinance! THANK YOU GATEWAY CAPITAL!!!


K. Sindowski

The closing went without a hitch and when we left there I had to hussle to work. I just got to my desk and wanted to send this email. The closer was very nice and it was completed in 35 minutes. No surprises. I personally want to thank Gateway for all that you did for this to happen. Things were hectic and there were some surprises that I had but you guys hung with us and it went well. If there is ever anything that I can do for you please just let me know. It was refreshing to work with the both of you.

T. Yehl

It was a pleasure doing business with everyone at Gateway Capital Mortgage last month. I needed to refinance my house to get rid of some debts and everyone at Gateway was patient and helpful.  The rates were very competitive, but closing costs were the lowest I could find. I appreciate the help from Gateway and will highly recommend you to anyone I know looking to refinance or get a new mortgage.

R. Nauman

“I recently refinanced thru Gateway Capital. I found the Gateway team to be entirely professional. They got me the best rate available and delivered what they promised. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to refinance”.


P. Wright

This is my second time doing business with Gateway Capital. After applying online I was promptly contacted by one of the mortgage professionals. From there we discussed my purchase along with my long and short term financial goals to find the mortgage that would best suite my needs. There correspondence with myself and attorneys was second to none. I really appreciated the follow up phone call to see that everything went well at the closing. Thanks again Gateway Capital for making everything go smooth.

D. Pettigrew

Third time the charmer, Not really, the first 3 house closings that I have had in purchasing homes all had one or more problems that threatened the closing. Two were caused by the lender giving wrong numbers to the title co, the third had to be canceled twice and finally closed on the third go around due to the other lawyer. The fourth closing turned out to be the charmer. The first time I called I informed them that I was looking for a mortgage but I needed to close in 22 days. Gateway Capital Mortgage were terrific. Not only did I receive telephone calls up dating me on what was happening, I had numerous e-mails notifying me what was going on and what information they needed from me. They were in contact not only with my lawyer but also with the seller’s lawyer, and everyone connected to the closing, and they made sure that everyone was up to speed. The closing took about 45 mins and everyone walked away happy. Needless to say if I ever do another closing the first people I would think of would be Gateway Capital Mortgage. I almost forgot, the interest rate I received was one of the lowest advertised by any mortgage company online.

J. Foley